I'm Royce Hsu, an independent UX Developer / Front-End Designer based in Los Angeles.

What I Do

Short answer: I build websites.

Long answer… I'm a classic Front-End Web Developer with 20 years of web-making experience. I am naturally half creative and half technical, and enjoy thinking about the intersection of interface and implementation. Though my background is based on doing a code, my ultimate values are helping teams solve problems both customer-facing (the stuff that appears in the web browser) and behind the scenes (how that stuff gets into the web browser). I strive to build responsibly, which means focusing on progressive enhancement, accessibility, web performance, and other user-centric considerations.

Let's work together.

My Experience

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Get in Touch

Need web help? I'm available for small and not-small projects. If you're a musician or band or artist and need a website, hit me up for an artist-friendly rate.

Beyond Web

When not computing, I make music, play in bands, and f*x w/ g̝̑̍ͅľ̰̖̆i̳̋t̬͍̑̕ĉ̦͖̞̅͑h͎͕̫͛̅͘ ̱̳͈̌̿̚a̧͈͒̌r̦͖͌͝ť͎̗̻̐̀.