Logo designs, album covers, videos, glitch art, more.

FSU logo design #

Logo design for a motivational campaign. FSU stands for “F*ck Sh!t Up”.

Screaming Door Studios company logo design #

Screaming Door Studios is a recording studio. The logo is centered around a typeface that is angular with sharp serifs to give it a clean but mechanical look while retaining legibility. The bowls produce a perfect door-like motif with an added knob to complete the metaphor.

"coffee" T-shirt design #

Whimsical sketch that I made into a T-Shirt via Cotton Bureau's campaign-based program which received enough pre-orders to go into production. The shirt is now permanently available through Cotton Bureau's recently launched on-demand program.

DZSTRKRFT "A Blaze in the Aeon Sky" lyric video #

This lyric video was made to promote my then forthcoming EP, “Apocalypse Horizon”. Tools used include VDMX, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects.

Nightgown band logo design #

Nightgown is a band I play in. The logo was designed in coordination with our singer, chief songwriter, and founder of the band.

Teleskopes "Falling" lyric video #

Teleskopes is a rock trio from Los Angeles. “Falling” is a cover/re-interpretatin of the Twin Peaks theme song. I produced a glitchy lyric video for the band. Tools used included a mix of analog video synths and Adobe Premiere Pro/After Effects.