Product Strategist + UX/UI Designer + Front-End Developer

Nasty Gal Checkout (2016)

  • Description: Mobile-first, ecommerce checkout experience.
  • Link: Prototype

Nasty Gal Site Navigation (2016)

  • Description: Responsive site navigation.
  • Link: Screenshots

Nasty Gal Layout Inventory (2014-2016)

  • Description: Category pages, lookbooks, and assorted landing pages were powered by the same layout engine.
  • Links: Screenshots, Layout Inventory

Nasty Gal Blog (aka Nasty Galaxy) (2015)

  • Description: WordPress blog with custom, branded theme.
  • Link: Site

Study: #1 in mobile ecommerce experience study (2014)

  • Background: Led responsive site front-end development, UI design, and involved in web performance optimization.
  • Link: Source

Contentful: Guest blog post for Nasty Gal (2014)

  • Description: How we used Contentful to power Nasty Gal.
  • Link: Blog Post

Contentful: Nasty Gal case study (2014)