I’m roycifer 👋 and this is my Web UX/Dev portfolio 💼. Peep my resume 📜 for a full work history.

Nasty Gal ⌁ Site Checkout (2016)

Nasty Gal site checkout on a mobile device.

We set out to replace Nasty Gal's checkout experience with a mobile-first redesign emphasizing focus and simplicity. I led UX design and front-end dev. Link: Prototype

#productdesign #ux #ui #dev

Nasty Gal ⌁ Site Navigation (2016)

Nasty Gal site navigation with exposed dropdown on a laptop.

Responsive site navigation redesign to align with refreshed Nasty Gal branding. Link: Screenshots

#ux #ui #dev

Nasty Gal ⌁ Layout Inventory (2014-2016)

Nasty Gal layout inventory doc screenshot on a laptop.

In the spirit of style guides and pattern libraries, I managed inventory of Nasty Gal's page layouts to catalog the layout variants and to describe each of their functions. Links: Layout Inventory, Screenshots

#styleguide #patternlibrary #designsystem

Nasty Gal ⌁ Blog (2015)

Nasty Gal blog on an iMac.

Responsive WordPress blog redesign, again, to align with refreshed Nasty Gal branding. Link: Site

#dev #wordpress

Study ⌁ #1 in mobile ecommerce experience study (2014)

Topped a mobile ecommerce study featuring my work leading front-end dev, responsive design, and web performance optimizations. Link: Source

#dev #ux #ui #responsive #webperf

Contentful ⌁ Guest blog post for Nasty Gal (2014)

How we used Contentful at Nasty Gal. Link: Blog Post

#contentmodeling #cms #contentful

Contentful ⌁ Nasty Gal case study (2014)

Link: Case Study

#casestudy #contentful