I’m roycifer 👋 and this is my Web UX/Dev resume 📜. Samples of my latest web work are available in my portfolio 💼.


  • UX Guardian with 20 years of front-end dev, UX/UI design, and product strategy experience.

Skills + Tools

HTML [Web Standards, Responsive Design, Semantic Markup, Progressive Enhancement, Accessibility, SEO, Web Performance], CSS [Less, SASS, SCSS, PostCSS], JavaScript [jQuery, React/Redux/JSX, Node, Grunt, NPM], Design [Web, Product, UX, UI, Style Guides/Pattern Libraries/Design Systems], Ruby, CMS [Contentful, Forestry], Hugo, Netlify, WordPress, Agile/Scrum/Kanban/Lean


DIFF Eyewear

| Lead Front End UX Developer  
| Los Angeles (1/2018 - 6/2018)  
| Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Shopify
| Site: DIFF Eyewear
  • Shopify theme development and site management

Clique Media Group

| Principal Developer, Web User Experience  
| Los Angeles (11/2016 - 1/2018)  
| Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, React/Redux/JSX
| Sites: The Thirty, Runway, College Fashionista
  • College Fashionista site redesign implementation (WordPress theme + custom features)
  • UX and Front-end dev on real-time, interactive fashion show (
  • Front-end dev on new lifestyle media blog (
  • Content modeling of article types for site and CMS redesign including introducing a weighted point system for articles and the module within

Nasty Gal

| UX Developer  
| Los Angeles (8/2012 - 11/2016)  
| Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, Contentful, WordPress  
| Sites: (screenshots),
  • Lead front-end dev and UI designer for responsive shopping experience and accompanying blog. Instrumental in connecting brand to technology while guiding product direction. [#1 in mobile ecommerce experience study (2014)]
  • Transitioned site from externally hosted services to fully responsive in-house platform.
  • UX guardian supporting biz and merch needs while ensuring optimal user experience. Sample features: lookbooks, Q&A/ratings/reviews, marketing landing pages, product favoriting, account/profile, checkout, more. NO BS.
  • Established style guide and interface library (site experience, email templates) to ensure consistent design, enable rabid prototyping/development of new features, and keep stock of design patterns.
  • Integrated Contentful, API-first CMS, to manage page layouts [Contentful blog guest post (2014)], control site features [Case study (2014)], and ultimately empower merch and editorial teams.
  • Improved email production workflow by helping define templated layouts and implementing custom email template tool.
  • Built custom WordPress theme for Nasty Gal blog to align with refreshed branding, add responsive support, and empower growing editorial team:
  • Took intiative to design and develop next gen, mobile-first checkout experience from prototyping, development, and user testing.
  • Continuous site performance and user interaction monitoring to ensure optimal site experience.


| Senior Web Developer  
| West Hollywood (5/2009 - 8/2012)  
| Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript  
| Sites:
  • Redesigned legacy website which revamped of entire site UX including event creation experience, guest RSVP experience, and post-event experience.
  • Lead effort in developing event engagement features such as a conversation feed, polls, questionnaire, and photo sharing.

E! Online (Comcast Entertainment Group)

| Web Developer III  
| Los Angeles (9/2001 - 5/2009)  
| Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSP  
| Sites:, (offline), (offline)
  • Lead front-end developer on all customer-facing content sites for E! Online, Style Network/MyStyle, and FearNet.
  • Built custom internal CMS to manage news/blogs, on-air show packages, and photo galleries via jQuery/Prototype before the age of modern JavaScript frameworks.
  • Lead implementation of Jive Forums.
  • Established very early Twitter integration during Twitter's infancy.
  • Hosted internal monthly front-end discussion groups.


| Co-Founder  
| Los Angeles (7/2002 - Present)  
| Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, PHP, MySQL  
| Sites:
  • Co-founded music blog before the widespread adoption of blogging as a content platform (back when WordPress was b2!).
  • Responsible for all technology and design, plus shared editorial duties.


University of California, Irvine

| 1994 - 1999
  • Studied Sociology and Computer Science which is an accurate intersection of my interests and expertise.

Side Projects