Design Things I've Made…

FSU Logo #

FSU Established 2019

I was tasked to make a “hipster” logo for my client (my sister!). FSU is an informal motivational buzzword/hashtag use to rally her team. FSU stands for “F*ck Sh!t Up”. ;)

Screaming Door Studios logo #

Screaming Door logo renderings.

Screaming Door Studios is a recording studio that primarly works with metal artists. The logo is centered around a typeface that is angular with sharp serifs to give it a clean but mechanical look while retaining legibility. The bowls produce a perfect door-like motif with an added knob to complete the metaphor.

Nightgown website #

Nightgown website on laptop.

Nightgown is a band I play in. We are quirky as is our music. The band collected a bunch of wacky gifs to loosely represent our brutalist vibe… and our website was born!

"coffee" T-shirt design #

Rendering of shirt design on left breats pocket area of white T-shirt.

Once upon a time I drew a whimsical sketch that I thought would look good on a T-shirt. The design was accepted by Cotton Bureau for their campaign based program. Enough people pre-ordered my design that shirts were printed (yay)! the shirt is now permanently available through their recently launched on demand program.

ITK website #

ITK mobile site.

ITK is a curated Los Angeles events listing website. I am the Technical Co-Founder handling all technical and creative aspects. Site was designed and built by myself, including CMS and email newsletter integration. And I also curate events too.

DZSTRKRFT website #

DZSTRKRFT website on laptop.

DZSTRKRFT is my own solo music project. I redesigned it to showcase what my project is about, some news/press links, and of course a catalog of my music.

Nightgown logo #

Nightgown logo.

Nightgown is a band I play in. The logo was designed in coordination with our singer and chief songwriter who founded the band.