Samples of my web work spanning development, design, product, and UX.

Business Class by Sophia Amoruso #

Business Class is an online business course led by Nasty Gal and Girlboss founder, Sophia Amoruso. I had the pleasure of building the beautiful website (designed by Outset LA). The magic underneath: Hugo static site generator + CMS + Netlify hosting.

Sophia Amoruso Website #

Sophia Amoruso's website and personal hub—launched in conjunction with Business Class . Powered by the triple threat—Hugo/Forestry/Netlify.

Kosas Shade Finder Quiz #

The Kosas Shade Finder quiz uses a hand-tuned lookup table—defined by the Kosas team themselves—to generate product recommendations.

Fur—Skin Care Product Recommendation Quiz #

Fur makes skin care products. This quiz was built for making product recommendations. (HTML + JavaScript) × rules logic = recommendations!

Website redesign for writer, Esther Tseng #

Esther Tseng is a Los Angeles-based food, drinks, and culture writer. I've had the honor of designing and building multiple iterations of her website. This latest iteration highlights her writings for publications and beyond.

Kosas Cosmetics Product Detail Page #

Ongoing responsive Shopify theme development including the launch of a new product detail page which kickstarted a gradual evolution of the site design.

Nightgown, band website #

Nightgown is a band I play in. We are quirky as is our music. The band collected a bunch of wacky gifs to loosely represent our brutalist vibe… and our website was born!

ITK, events listing platform #

ITK is a curated events listing site covering the Los Angeles area that I helped co-found in June 2018. Our team is close to the ground as members of the creative community and actively posting events daily. Site was designed and built by myself, including CMS and email newsletter integration.

DZSTRKRFT, band website #

Website for my solo music project DZSTRKRFT—I got to break out of the box a little bit with the design and layout.

Nasty Gal site checkout #

Nasty Gal's checkout experience underwent a mobile-first redesign emphasizing focus, clarity, and reduced friction. I led UX design and front-end dev.