Samples of my web work spanning development, design, product, and UX.

Nasty Gal layout inventory #

At Nasty Gal, we created a number of layouts to help satisfy a variety business of needs from commerce to marketing to acquistion. I managed an inventory of page layouts (in the spirit of style guides and pattern libraries) to catalog our layouts and help reduce one-off work.

APESHIT, extreme metal webzine #

This is a throwback… APESHIT is a music “webzine” launched in 2002 and pre-dated what we now know as “blogs”. A little trivia: APESHIT began on Blogger (before the Google acquisition), and eventually migrated to the b2 blogging platform (which eventually became WordPres), and then ultimately WordPress itself. Beyond designing and coding, I published news, music reviews, and interviews. The site is now largely dormant but still up.